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The tradition of drinking coffee is becoming increasingly popular among young Turks in the country that invented the cafeteria. In early December, the UNESCO declared the "Turkish coffee" Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which helped popularize this ancient tradition that was marginalized in recent decades. The "Turkish coffee" is prepared from finely ground coffee. The result is a highly concentrated drink traditionally served in small cups.
Source: Revista Cafeicultura

The coffee harvest this year is expected to reach 49.15 million bags of 60 kilos in Brazil. The projection was released on Friday (20/12) by the National Supply Company (Conab). The fourth harvest estimate of the product indicated a reduction of 3.3 % compared to the previous cycle.

An investigation of the University of Minho has created a drink made from coffee grounds, with an alcohol content that makes it so strong as vodka or brandy. This has already been considered by Time magazine one of the 25 best inventions of the year.
«The new drink was identified as alcoholic coffee but actually is a distilled as a clear brandy with 40% ethanol and aroma of coffee," says the responsible of the investigation, Solange Mussatto in a statement.
The patent was registered, is awaited by someone who be interested in the product, in a commercial component.

In the Brazilian state of São Paulo, the Coffee Museum, an institution of the State Secretariat of Culture, inaugurated with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the exhibition "50 years of the International Coffee Organization."
Looking to contextualize, both politically and economically, the trajectory of the ICO, an organization that completes 50 years, this temporary exhibition began on the 10th of this month and will last until March 31, 2014, in order to reveal and enhance the importance and history of the authority over the years.


The Italian company CDA (Cattelan Distributori Automatici), which offers more than six tons of coffee per month for about 1600 machines it manages, started a project in collaboration with the University of Udine and in particular with the Blucomb, company that resulted from it, specializing in the production and use of plant design, to convert the coffee grounds into biofuel and fertilizer.

The low price of the bag of coffee on the international market was the main topic discussed in the regional assemblies developed by the National Association of Coffee Growers of Honduras (Anacafeh).
One of the measures is to reduce costs to the maximum, whereas the current decline in prices is more serious than the rust fungus that attacks crops, said the president of Anacafeh, Jorge Lanza.


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