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According to figures released by the ICO (International Coffee Organization), the continuing deterioration of coffee prices stabilized slightly in November, despite the average monthly prices of four indicators of coffee groups remain at minimum.

A new 'Green Coffee Carbon Footprint Product Category Rule (CFP- PCR)' was published, the first of its kind for the calculation of emissions of greenhouse gases from the production of green coffee. During 18 months, various stakeholders in the sustainability of the coffee world sector have come together to create a universally applicable methodology.

The world coffee consumption in 2013 will rise to 146 million 60 kg bags, compared to 142 million last year, said the executive director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Robério Oliveira Silva.

The production of Arabica coffee in Kenya is expected to grow 15.4% in season 2013/14 started in October, to 45 000 tonnes, designed this Wednesday the manager of the Board of coffee country, Enosh Akuma. In the previous cycle, the African nation produced 39 000 tonnes of product.

For Bunco Wong, president of the Chinese Specialty Coffee Association (CSCA), the trend of economic growth of the country and the cultural changes that make it more palpable scenario that available estimates suggest, which also would make room to a vibrant market for premium products.

The coffee that you take in the afternoon or in the range of work can regulate blood pressure and prevent the emergence of diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Its what demonstrates a study by Japanese researchers and published this week in the scientific meeting of the American Heart Association. Scientists at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, conducted a study with 27 volunteers to come to that conclusion.


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