Subscrição de CoffeeLetters

SCAE Certification:
SCAE - Speciality Coffee Association of Europe - is an association, based in London, that promotes coffee quality and the consumption of specialty coffees. It is present in over 70 countries worldwide, with national chapters in many of these countries, which keep a network of professionals and enthusiasts informed and involved in the development of specialty coffees. Organizes the World Championships Barista, Latte Art, Cup Tasting and Coffee in Good Spirits. Collaborates with governments and international organizations that promote quality coffee, with a broad educational program that covers all aspects of specialty coffee, from plant to cup. SCAE aims to create and inspire excellence in the coffee community through innovation, research, education and communication.
We offer SCAE Certification in the six modules of the Coffee Diploma System.

We offer training for coffee professionals (coffee roasters, baristas, traders, distributors, etc.) and companies in the HORECA channel (coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the coffee chain and the preparation of the drink, in order to achieve high quality products. We offer four standard trainings.
We also develop bespoke courses, in any subject related to Coffee, depending on the needs and objectives of each client.

We conduct varied workshops, from the coffee origin to the cup, covering also the forms of preparation, tasting and creative drinks, aimed at consumers, enthusiasts and true coffee lovers who want to learn more about this product, in a fun and educational way. We offer six workshops on coffee.

Consulting to Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Hotels:
We offer consulting services to established companies or start-ups. We develop coffee lists and coffee-based drinks and cocktail menus. We train and track teams on job and perform maintenance and periodic evaluations, in order to improve the quality and service, forming teams on the importance of consistency in providing quality beverages. We provide advisory services on the choice of equipment and coffee blend.

Consulting to Roasting Industries:
We perform quality control analyzes of samples of green and roasted coffee, issuing technical reports. We create blends for different market niches, ensuring from the roasting profile suitable to the point of grinding nominated for a perfect extraction. We develop and implement Quality Control Systems (HACCP).

Commercialization of Roasted Coffee:
We sell the finest specialty coffees in the world, beans or ground, or in other ways of extraction.

Commercialization of Technical Material and Equipment:
We sell materials and technical equipment for Baristas and other professionals in the Coffee business.