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The 'London Coffee Festival', considered the largest event of coffee and artisan food in UK, returns from 3-6 April next year, to celebrate a new edition.
This festival, held in the Old Truman Brewery space in London will give the opportunity to know what is best made in the world of coffee.

If you are passionate about coffee, it is best to leave it to the early hours. According to scientists, the problem is not just take it just before going to bed, consuming the drink up to six hours before bedtime can cost up to one hour less of sleep.

This month, two coffees with bold sensory characteristics, tongues of the doldrums.
They have in common two types of acid: lactic and phosphoric - the last, a first in this country drink. The first leaves the mouth soft, velvety, the second pleasantly viscous.
Excluding nonsense ingredients of comparison, it's like if you left a piece of butter in the mouth dancing while taking a sip of Coke with a twist of lemon.

Produce one ton of coffee in Colombia costs more than $ 2,700, said the director of the called Mission for Competitiveness of the Coffee Sector, Juan Jose Echavarria. However, a ton of mild coffees are produced on average U.S.$ 1,450 in Latin America and $ 1,400 in the rest of the world.
The mission, which ended last week, will deliver the results on the 12th of February and not during the sessions of the Congress of coffee later this month, as indicated by the President of Colombia for almost a year.

According to figures released by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), coffee prices suffered further declines in October, with the prices of the four indicators of coffee groups to descend rapidly throughout the month.
The monthly average of the composite indicator price is now at its lowest level since March 2009, and the trend of sharp decline observed in the last two years shows no sign of slowing.

As the birthplace of espresso, Italy continues to promote the dissemination of the culture and passion of this drink. The next day 10 marks the start of the annual meeting 'Io Bevo Espresso', involving the Italian Espresso National Institute and several companies in the sector.


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