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The ICO publishes in a monthly basis, the Report on Coffee Market. In the January 2015 edition, highlights, with regard to Brazil, the time observed was the main driving force in coffee prices, which first rose, then fell again. The drought in Brazil in early January pushed up prices. The forecast of rain for the end of January, however, interrupted this brief recovery. However, the rainfall levels in Brazil are still below average, compromising the crop of 2015/16, the report shows.
Also according to the ICO, which represents producers and consumers worldwide countries, the price of the monthly average reached their lowest levels since February 2014 (down 1.6%) and a sense of low market continued to exercise downward pressure on prices. Exports of coffee year 2014/15, in turn, remained strong. A reduction of 5.5% in exports of Arabica’s (to 5.2 million bags) was matched by an increase of 9.9% in exports Robusta (to 3.6 million). In 2014, exports hit a record, reaching 111.7 million bags, the highest volume that has registration. This performance resulted primarily from shipments from Brazil, which increased from 31.5 million bags in 2013 to 36.3 million in 2014.
The report also demonstrates, among other relevant data and information of world coffee production, exports from Vietnam increased, reaching 25 million bags, as well as Colombia, which increased from 9.7 million bags in 2013 to 11 million in 2014. In contrast, exports of Central America, in most cases, crashed in 2014, for the rust outbreak continued to affect production, but also in Peru and Mexico. And yet, volume and value of world exports, total production in exporting countries, stocks and world consumption, among other relevant analyses and comparative graphs.
Source: Cenário MT