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It may seem an exaggerated amount, but five cups of coffee a day can prevent a number of diseases, according to a health report by the US government.
Experts who make up the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee a group that helps the US to formulate dietary guidelines, from school meals to packaging labels, indicate that consumption may decrease the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's disease and liver cancer.
"I do not mean that coffee cure cancer. Nobody thinks that. But there is no evidence that the consumption of the drink increases the risk of the disease. What we know is that just the opposite happens", explains the nutritionist Tom Brenna, of Cornell University.
The recommendation of the committee is that the ideal daily intake of coffee is three to five cups. The scientists did not found greatest benefits where coffee consumption was higher than indicated.
They even emphasize that pregnant women should consult a doctor to know the indicated amount of the drink, but suggested that two cups is enough.
Studies show that not exaggerated intake of coffee can bring other health benefits, such as lower incidence of tinnitus, reducing the risk of liver cancer and disease prevention.
Source: Revista Cafeicultura