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The general girector of the Russian Association of Producers of Coffee and Tea, Ramaz Chanturiy, believes the world coffee consumption will grow by up to 360,000 tonnes next year. According to news agency Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the expectation is that product prices increase at least 3% worldwide. In Russia, the situation, according to the expert, the value may increase further with the possibility of the end of tax exemption for industrial grinders.
According with Chanturiy in the coming years due to lack of new plantations, the difference between the demand and supply of the drink is likely to only increase. This way, he hopes, eight years from now, the deficit of coffee on the world market could represent 2.5 million tons, which in turn will lead to a sharp increase in the prices of coffee beans.
In the opinion of Russian experts, how to reverse this situation would be the establishment of new plantations and processing plants of coffee beans. Russia, however, with its unfavourable climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee, could only contribute to the development of the processing sector.
Currently, the importation of green coffee is not taxed in Russia. However, on 5 February, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Parliament of the country presented the proposal to end the tax exemption on the import of industrial grinders.
Source: Revista Cafeicultura