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Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) is the world's leading professional organization promoting excellence in quality coffee, drawing together professionals from all aspects of the coffee industry. Central to SCAE's purpose is to improve coffee standards through furthering knowledge and education. With this aim the Coffee Diploma System (CDS) was created.

Coffee is a huge industry, offering many and varied career opportunities. The Coffee Diploma System allows people to choose the educational path that most suits their needs.
Six different modules exist in different disciplines, each with three levels of qualification: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional (apart from Introduction to Coffee which is just one level).
In each module that you get approval in theoretical and practical examinations, you gain points according to the level of qualification taken, and when you have achieved 100 points you will be awarded your overall diploma - the Coffee Diploma. It's your choice on the modules you take to get you to 100 points.

Foundation Level
The Foundation level provides a first taste of a particular coffee discipline. A great way to get initial insight into the basic skills in an area and help you decide if you want to go on to learn more.
The Foundation level requires no previous experience. Awards 5 points to achieve the Coffee Diploma.

Intermediate Level
The Intermediate level is suitable for those already working in the area with a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
Experience working in the field is recommended before attempting this level. Awards 10 points to achieve the Coffee Diploma.

Professional Level
The Professional level is suitable for those wanting to pursue specialist knowledge and skills at a high level in the subject. Success at this level should indicate to employers competence to work in this field.
Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level. Candidates must hold the Intermediate qualification in the module. Awards 25 points to achieve the Coffee Diploma.

Improve your skills and knowledge of coffee, or even obtain certification for what you already know through the Coffee Diploma System.
We offer SCAE Certification in five modules of the Coffee Diploma System. Choose the training that best suits your needs and get an internationally recognized certification.
Investing in knowledge and skills is an investment in your future.

Our SCAE Certified Trainings are scheduled according to the availability of our trainees. Contact us if you wish to schedule a certification.